Our Story

On the 9th of January 2021, Laura Rumbidzai, the eldest daughter of Rangarirai and Ken Chikonzo passed away at Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She had been living and working there since 2016. She was diagnosed with cancer in August 2020.

After the diagnosis, the family was surrounded by love from all over the world. People prayed and sent encouraging messages. They also gave financially enabling Laura’s parents and siblings to be with her in Abu Dhabi during her illness. It is this spirit of love and togetherness that this organization intends to perpetuate.

In her honor and memory, Ranga and Ken decided to create a non-profit called “Ubuntu Nerudo African Heritage.” Based in Washington State, its main objectives are;

    • To preserve African culture and Heritage by promoting African storytelling, language classes as well as showcasing and teaching African art, culture, and humanities.
    • To promote access to health through referrals to health services with a focus on cancer, HIV, Autism, and mental health as well as promotion of healthy living activities.
    • To promote and support international students in the USA with career guidance, integration, and social support.
    • To aid, support, and assist by gifts, contributions, or otherwise, other corporations and organizations working for the benefit and development of African communities in the USA.
    • To raise public awareness of the richness of African culture through educational events and to facilitate student exchanges so as to allow students in the USA to experience diverse African cultural practices, customs and life and vice versa.
    • To promote projects that empower women and young people in Africa and promote the concept of Ubuntu- I am because we are.